Poison From Paso

Deep ruby with pink edges.  Intensely alcoholic nose hits first and piggy-backs in rich oak and fruit-warmth and moldy rubber knob.  What is a moldy rubber knob?  I don’t know.  But this smells like one.  The whole package smells overtly ripe.  The ‘spice’ is sharp alcohol, the ‘fruit’ is cherry pie, and the ‘earth’ is blistering oak.

Comes in warm and coating on the tongue–more ripeness and roundness and mouthfeel on 11.  A little piquant pepper note does its best to quell all the glycerin but it is seriously out-gunned.  So fat… so lifeless… I have it on pretty good authority this is Chateau Margene’s second label–and I am a big fan of both Ch. Margene AND second labels.  Well, we gotta pay the rent somehow.  This is the mid-western wine-equal of cannon-fodder.

Completely lacking in any redeeming quality in a cab.  Wait, IS this a cab?  Guess I should check the label.  When I noticed it was NV, I opened my mind to it being a Red Table Wine but no, it’s a cab.  The most Kool-aidy-cab in recent memory.  The absolute whispiest vapid fruit thread cloaked in blubber and oak and alcohol.

This is classic Paso right here.  This is the shit people drive from LA for.  This is what the girls put on their best horizontal-stripe maxi-dresses and denim shorty-jackets for.  Yay Paso!  It breathes out to a strawberry Gatorade and smacks of all the electrolytes.  Dear god, people.  It is clearly a step up from the VinaRobles/RobertHall/WildHorse/VillaStJuliette/TobinJames dretch people somehow manage to consume in large enough quantities to keep the Event Centers in business, but not much.  Just Say No, folks.  Really.  There’s SOOOO much better out there.

EL PISTOLERO Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva Paso Robles 14.9



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