Cabfranc Takes One on the Chin……..on

Glowing pure thin garnet with pink edges.  Dirty and brooding with bitters, soiled horse bedding and cedar bark.  Bright root-beer note.  Surprisingly viscous on the tongue considering the visual density with sweet vanilla giving way to fairly dense tannins with only a sharp bleep of acid breaking things up.  A rather unbalanced wine, but oddly enough a not horribly un-enjoyably one either. This would make a lovely little 25-dollar Pinot.  I am just not feeling any kinship to the two ways EYE like Cab Franc:  The Chinon way and the BDX way, including the California BDX way.  Ok, maybe that’s three ways.  This thing is extracted and ripe and states a 12-point-oh on the label.  That’s just weird.  It FLEW to 13+ and hung there in capillary.  Yes, I realize how inaccurate capillary is.  Still… I’m really curious to try this guy’s other wines.  This is a fun, easy-drinking, serious red wine, it just has a lot of weird shit pulling it in different directions to garner a highly recommended rating.

2012 BROC CELLARS Cabernet Franc Central Coast California 12.0


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