A Bargain Napa

Dark staining ruby right out to thin edges.  Big briar and mint with a nice strain of oak.  Balanced in the nose, showing at once the best fruit AND minerality Napa Valley has to offer and almost at the same time reflecting something a bit more Alexander Valley–maybe Sonoma just over the county line West of Calistoga.  But through and through the unmistakable Napa elegance and–for this one–a ripeness you are worried might borderline on flabby.  Until you taste it.
An acid from the get-go impossible to argue with.  Chalky fruit situation explodes in all directions but lands firmly in a pot of bright tannin.  Thick hides tanned in urea, and danced around beach-fires of wet wood.  This is a wine I would love to taste in ten years.  Really well constructed:  Ripe and round enough to woo the full-glassers and closed-in enough to make this dork happy.  Mayacamas?  There is a nice valley even-keel with a nice dose of mountain complexity.  For the PP, it is hard to find fault with this bottle.
2011 ELIZABETH SPENCER Cabernet Sauvignon Special Cuvee Napa Valley 14.1
24hr Vac-U-Vin:  Warm nutty influences abound.  Still fairly bright but showing definite signs of flabbiness.

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