Monterey Cab Mmm Hmmm

Clear, bright, shockingly light ruby with thin clear edges.  An initial funk surprises and I had to double-check the label to confirm this was indeed Paso and not Monterey.  It settles down into a soft, easy, nutty, oaked tincture with a mineral high-note and an equally mellow bass-note of tar.

Again, this REALLY tastes like Monterey.  Has this always been Paso?!?  I have drank Estancia Meritage for decades–always trying it because the PP is great and it has an impressive package–and I feel like it used to be Monterey.  My continuous experiments with it have not panned out wonderfully: not ONCE has it impressed me into a duplicate purchase.

In the mouth: mellow, soft, balanced, well-integrated–everything I can possibly say to indicate it really has nothing going on but is NOT a bad drink. It COULD be a bright little claret if it only had a touch more focus.  Like basically every Monterey cab I have had in my life it is just SUCH a non-event.  Tannin equally mellow.  I’m done with this wine.  Buy it if you want an impressive bottle for a pittance containing a full true BDX blend, simply-translated and extremely easy to drink.

2012 Estancia Reserve Meritage Paso Robles  13.9


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