30yo Cheap Napa Cab

Totally gone.  All asparagus and burnt rubber.


Totally gone.  Brown and putrid.  VA, acer, all of it.
NOT gone.  Bright garnet with seriously amber edges.  Minty, chocolate nose with almost a bit of heat.  Stemmy, vibrant and young–almost like a cheap Sonoma cab smells NOW.  Incredible cassis and heavily patina’d coffee and cola.  What happened to Carneros Creek?  How many corporate buy-outs did they survive?  Do they still exist on the lower super-market shelves?  Well, they did something right in 1983 with this Reserve.  Looking through the bricking swirl, it is hard to contemplate the intense mint, briar and dark cherry fruit–but it is there.  In the mouth, considerably less interesting… kinda flat and flabby.  A spice note kicks in mid-palate and washes everything away with slight bitterness of acid–no tannin at all.  Totally drinkable and enjoyable.  1983 Carneros Creek Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Napa Valley  12.5

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