This Bird Done Flew

Clear, dark ruby with day-glo edges.  A bouquet I would call “young” at best and is–at worst–a miasma of burnt rubber, singed hair, canned olives and over-ripe stone-fruit.   A McCormick-Schilling strain of buttery spice dances around underneath, aimed at #winelover pegging it for “rich oak” or “minerality”.  The entire bouquet takes on a tired, oxidized patina with air–dripping with heat–indicting itself as a bottle not meant to be lingered over.  Fill up that glass, Sandra.  Not THAT’S a pour!!!  I had handled this bottle a couple times: it appeared at a new supermarket chain in the area who brought in several unfamiliar labels of decent appellation but from mysterious sources.  A lot of stuff from Monterey.  I objected to the PP, but when things went 40% off, I bit.  This would be a great wine for bringing around to holiday get-togethers with a range of wine appreciation present.  If you don’t spend too much time on it, it can easily come off as simply a bright–but fairly concentrated–young quaffer.  In the mouth, searing oak and heat run abruptly into brief, quite-bitter tannin.  Gorgeous package, label free of annoying details, no UPC even.  I’m guessing ME and SY.  Mab some Zin.  Would be interesting to taste in a couple years but I wouldn’t put much faith in it *settling down*.  There’s just not that much going on to begin with.  2013 Aviary Red Wine Napa Valley 13-8    ◊


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