No Cat-Piss Was Harmed Making This Wine

Super pale straw.  Light candy fades to petrol and oak.  Initially it smelled like CH but it traded the buttery component for a Gewurtz-like floral and petrol–which is a good thing.  Fried egg, marinara, salted licorice, nothing huge–everything requires a search.  I am not dis-liking this wine.

In the mouth, supple and round.  Fleshy.  Nothing explodes, just a nice slow grow to a spicy middle and bright finish.  Banana and peach along the way, played against worn dollar-bills and the baseness of wet change.  This wine plays a brilliant middle-ground between CH, Gewurtz and SB.  There’s a smoky bacon element which would probably really screw with me blind.  Not sure what I’d call it.  Let’s just forget all varietal-correctness for a minute and call this a fun wine which will blow the socks off white-drinkers and raise the eyebrows of snobs.

2011 ICHANKA Sauvignon Blanc Argentina 13.5


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