An Old Friend Sells Out

Med ruby with tiny clear edges.  So much oak.  Oak and oak.  Moar oak.  Total bullshit oaked wine.  Big vapid one-dimensional lush dripping delectable Gobb-Stopper disgustingly rich velvety fruit and oak.  The plushest, richest, most #womenwhodrinkwine disgustingly rich nose I have ever smelled.  Late air brings in a slight pepper and briar and heat, but hey, I already know everything I need to know about this wine.

I was a fan of Greenwood Ridge Merlots back in the 90’s and one year they achieved *** from CGTCW–IMO the most esteemed authority and a serious plaudit.  I remember the wines briary and tannic, with a delicate balance of plushness but always showing the local colors of Anderson Valley BDX reds.  This was brought back by a good friend from recent visit on my insistence.  I really wanted to re-visit this ME.

In the mouth, watery plushness rules.  Honestly, it is hard to taste anything past the smell, but it is my pattern to at least ATTEMPT to separate the two.  There is briar and that funky mountain goodness (I believe this winery sits on Elk ridge at near-3000) but nothing intriguing.  Vapid and one-dimensional–I said that already–but honestly far easier to drink than smell.  A little burnt sugar splashes about and a peppery finish turns dry tannin.  Awkward and contrived.  Just say no.

2012 GREENWOOD RIDGE Merlot Anderson Valley Mendocino County


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