Third Time’s a Charm

Dark gold.  Huge instant floral which burned off quickly.  Left with gear lube, toasted almond, marzipan, white cake.  In the mouth, viscous and still-acidic, but fruit seriously oxidized and concentrated.  Still and flat.  Very little verve.  Incredibly bitter finish.  Uninteresting and borderline bad.  All the n00bs in the house refused to drink it.  I continued to see rewarding things blossoming from it over several hours, but everything was kind of a stretch.  I’d say it was well past its prime.
1999 NAVARRO VINEYARDS Gewurztraminer Anderson Valley Mendocino  13.6


Dark dark straw.  Almost rosy.  A MILLION times fresher and less oxidized than the 1999 but still suffering from a clear *past its prime* situation.  Floral rich and round.  Edamame, milk chocolate, light petrol and an almost Chardonnay butter-and-oak thing which I do not think occurred by way of any actual CH malo-and-oak treatment, but from age.  Almond butter and unctiously ripe Golden Delicious.  More candy-bar nuances–and not Belgium Chocolate ones.  Nice in the mouth, clean and relatively crisp.  Ripe fruit and AL burn.  Smoke and almond butter, steamed rice and soiled laundry.  Perfectly acceptable to drink, although the n00bs at dinner voted this one awry again and refused to touch it.  I am enjoying it quite a bit myself.  Past its prime, probably, but entirely drinkable.  Color doesn’t lie.

2000 NAVARRO VINEYARDS Gewurztraminer Anderson Valley Mendocino  13.7

So… I pulled this out because the Green Curry needed something the locals would drink.  Told them it was Riesling, told them it was German, they loved it.  Light canary.  Funky but clean, like a hippie in West Hollywood.  Eraser and green bark, whipped cream on Granny Smith cobbler.  Good petrol, both in the nose and mouth.  Brilliant and polished over the palate, knife-sharp spice toying with round, aged fruit.  Round and ripe, clinging to your mouth for ages and ages.  Stunning acid and charmingly brilliant bitter finish.

2008 PIERRE SPARR Pinot Gris Reserve Alsace France  13.5


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