Don’t Worry, Be Happy

​Thin light ruby, ambering out slightly to the edge.  Crisp, clean stream-water nose come pre-programmed with mild, round Pinot fruit with a slight soapy nuance sharply pointing at super-ripe citrus.  Clearly focused on moderation and streamlined distinction, full, dense, slightly sauteed fruit never strays into cloying.

In the mouth, transparency is no indication of the round nutty match-head browned-butter raw-beef Santa Barbara apple-butter dried-apricot fruit rising shyly out of this thing.  Delicate beauty in the mouth, bitter sweet nothings lie under gooseberry and cantaloupe, seductively smart, never flirting too hard, making mockery of the drunk-chicks, still ramrod-tight hours in, hanging around the only sober guy in the club.

Clean, clear and delicate are the key-words with this bottle, razor-edged flavors teetering between rubber-band and barbecue, fog and monsoon, rock and scissors.  And all in a spritely elegant package.  I LOVE these wines.

2013 SUMMERLAND Pinot Noir Theresa Noelle Santa Rita Hills Santa Barbara County 13.9


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