Stormy Hill

​A quick note on probably the best wine I’ve had this week.  While it is well-documented what a fan I am of this vineyard, THIS. This, boys & girls, represents a departure from the Slidehill norm.  Sorry Qupé, sorry to the dozens of other producers, this is the best Syrah from Sawyer Lindquist Vineyard I’ve ever had.  It is not driven by fat fruit and lush structure like most bottlings.  It is lean and mean, bringing graphite and green sap forward to meld with perfect rosy fruit and balance.  Everybody else rubs this vineyard into hot-and-fat arenas like the vineyard across the street–maybe it is just the way everyone think Syrah sells best–but a serious conversation regarding cold-climate tendencies could be made.  I’ve been to Slidehill in Sept and Oct and it is SOCKED IN until 11. This is the first nod to a cold-climate Syrah I have seen.

2014 STORM Syrah Slide Hill Edna Valley San Luis Obispo Co. 14.2

No web site, so I guess call Tastes of the Valleys and get it there.


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