Anderson Valley Fourplay

IMG_20170511_194113_504Super-pale garnet, hazy, with obvious sediment.  I think this is the palest Pinot I have ever seen.  Seriously, I’ve seen rosé from Paso Robles darker that this.  Sweet spice-cake dessert hits instantly, turning quickly to mild briar, dirty-baby-diaper and a peach-pit take on raisin fruit.  Tiny little burnt boot loveliness but all-through the nose, a delicate, mild sweetness dominates.

These are interesting wines.  Now, readers of this blog know I do not typically tell *The Story* in my posts, even though wineries beg me to and every other wine-blogger on the planet uses this section as a back-bone of their “reviews”.  But, here, there’s a couple things you should know.  First of all, they are Anderson Valley, which is very nice, and everything is from Charles Vineyard, which also is very nice.  But here things get a little different.  First of all, all wild yeasts–and they claim an un-catagorized strain (that’s a whole nother conversation on its own)–and native ML, unfiltered and unfined, of course, all comprised under what the winery calls “Old World Winemaking”.

In the mouth, that sweet nectar again surfaces, bouyed up by more nutty spice, thin and beautiful, soft and ripe, with a wisp of tannin.  Fruit clean and pure, light as a feather up front, but drooling unctuous drops all down the back.  Nice acidity helps to balance out this slightly flabby package.

2014 FOURSIGHT Pinot Noir Anderson Valley Mendocino Co 14.0


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