Napa Sunshine

​On Sunday night I typically open something I don’t need to think too hard about–or even blog hard about… Older repeats or tired orphans. I prolly have 3 or 4 of these left and keep tellin myself, McConnell: you better DRINK those or ur gonna be sorry! And every time I open one I expect to be right and EVERY TIME I am totally wrong as they bring incredible nectar round and ripe and beautiful, packed with tertiary burl, rosin, velvet theatre seats, myrrh, sandlewood, one of THE most infectious black cherry noses–nothing short of coke has ever been so greedily recepted–burlap coffee bags, packed with dried eucalyptus leaves, dark dense ruby, barely bricking, ridiculous sweet fruit, black walnut Mexican leather av-gas on asphalt Butterfinger chilling concentration all the while black tea tannin on 11 worms its way into your area code, making sure the mint, cedar and winter watercress don’t get accused of anything check-book-ey. I scratched the price tag off this bottle: $23.99 circa 2005. How fun is this?

2002 SOLARIS Cabernet Sauvignon Rutherford Napa Valley

Cabernet Sauvignon


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