Don’t Cry Wolff

​Ridiculous staining purple ruby with no edge.  Dried saliva eucalyptus conifer forest green vegetal cedar box and salty licorice sex laid over steely wet-rust hammock in the sun and only then–in the sunny laziness of August, does fruit–so taut against harsh minerality and acid–peep through: full round mud-puddle fruit, mashed blackberry and pie-cherry, reclining deeply in wet Mexican leather chairs steeped in urine and the fresh sap of Caltrans freeway brush-cutting.

I have been drinking this PS since the first vintage maybe a decade ago and it always amazes me in its ‘european-ness’ approach to a variety so stalwartly California.  An absolute MUST HAVE for any fan of Petite Sirah.  Not the biggest boldest brashest version by any means, and certainly not a lush fruit-FWD version, but something that makes you think, “If the French made Petite Sirah.”

2014 WOLFF VINEYARDS Petite Sirah Edna Valley San Luis Obispo Co. 13.9


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