Diesel and Dust

Thin clear garnet out to wide amber edges.  Stemmy goodness explodes out of the glass, leaning heavily on deep dark fruit graced with chocolate and savory caramel.  City exhaust and storm drain, in the park, with a blaring carousal, cotton candy in hand.

This wine is the project of a team of friends–seasoned wine professionals–who have taken a step back from their juice-pushing day-jobs to focus on low-alcohol, fun, eminently drinkable wines and ciders.  I say that with reservation, as I pegged this in my mouth in the low-13’s but the density of candied nuance was hedging me on that a bit, and a label-check reveals a bit more that I expected.  I have scribbled on the back label “Duvarita”, which gives another glimpse into this bottle.  GREAT vineyard.  Very cool.  *Just* outside SRH and quite sought after.

In the mouth, clear beautiful stunning fruit, just fruit and fruit and fruit, bright beautiful fruit, sweet and gracious, mouth-filling and rewarding, not a bit cloying, despite its forwardness.  This one is so gorgeous you can’t take your eyes off her–natural, unspeakable, comfortable beauty–and she just walks straight up to you and asks you for a date without a tinge of shyness but also without the brashness of slutty.  Muted crushed fruit-tree-leaves dance all around, tiny injections of sweat and blood and citrus straight into a tannin to make Duboeuf proud.  Instantly California, but green pill-bottle scrappiness perfectly molded into all the ripe decadence.  This is a PERFECTLY conceived and executed California Cru.

2013 DREAMCŌTE Pinot Noir “Beau-jee” Duvarita Vineyard Santa Barbara Co  13.6



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