Don’t Call Me Boy

Medium ruby, lightly staining, with a thin clear edge *just* showing a shadow of brick.  Easy balsamic, maraschino nose, savory and dense while doing that Happy Canyon thing of carrying its concentrated fruit effortlessly.  A touch of patina showing in the bouquet–light enough to be imaginary.  This thing is full-focused and fresh, dripping root-beer and ripe yellow peach on everything.  Warm-earth and a little visible alcohol are the only things hinting at a Southern California, warm-weather wine.  These counter-acting dull-and-high-notes are carried gracefully on hippie herb-tea tinctures and dirty kitchen floor.

One of my absolute favorite Santa Barbara Cabs.  Deovlet is well known for his Pinots and Chardonnays, but I keep coming back to his cab blend.  And why not?!? All Happy Canyon, half Vogelzang, rich and round and ripe while still packing in a fat wad of Cabernet structure.  And the price.  Wait til you see the price.  And this little baby is showing quite nicely at 5 years.

In the mouth, librarian-quiet, sexy fruit glides silently to deadly-smart references of merciless curves carefully bundled in layers of black with just enough zest you know there’s a tattoo hidden in there somewhere.  Hot enough to make you move toward the window–away from the kid’s section but it’s all business as the allure grows tacitly between you.  Gobs of dark cherry, disgustingly rich but reverent to the variety and region, tannins vibrant and visible but not wretchedly distracting in the nutty finish.

2012 DEOVLET “Sonny Boy” 60/40 Merlot/Cab Happy Canyon Santa Barbara Co. 14.8


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