Non Petit

An incredible nose founded on all things French and at once punctuated by a cheery fruit one can only describe as jolly fruit.  There is no mistaking the toasted almond and rich brown butter as Champagne, and a bright grapey overshadowing brings to life something far beyond the tired classical offerings.  Latex and petrichor jump out while acidic spritz of beautiful young blueberry and nutmeg solidify the baguette-and-olive-oil glass into something you WANT to taste.

In the mouth, full and round, driving minerality deep into every pore.  Bright and tight, fruit taking a back seat to rife chalkiness slowly progressing over the palate–first as bitter acid perpetrated by bubbles, then as edgy aplomb sourced–like the nose–first from classical nuances, and then to fresh young berry fruit quite remarkable for a French bubbly.

This is remarkable stuff.

NV PETIT & BAJAN ‘Ambrosie’ CH/PN 70/30 Tirage: 23JUL2010 Disgorge: 6MAY2015 Champagne France 12.0


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