Stems & Seeds

​Smells like Goodwill clothing but quickly breathes out to a mighty Welch’s grape pomegranate dry dry wonder asonishingly good.

Wonder how many gallons of this they make a year. Wonder how many acres of this is grown in Monterey County. This is MontCo right? I think so, I can’t see the bottle from here but pretty sure. Drinking it at about 50° and it is about perfect. Bitter dense effluence compromises the rash shallow fruitiness. I actually really like this. I’m reminded of this wine on a fairly regular basis because I visit jLohr from time to time and always pay attention to them in the stores because I am a big fan. Recently had a couple of Valdiguies on soif and keep telling myself you should go back and try Wildflower. I probably haven’t had this wine in 25 years.

It’s not box wine, it’s not cheap wine, it’s not horrible wine, it’s not over ripe wine, over alcoholized wine over anything wine, it’s just a plain nuanced lovely wine quite unlike anything you will find on the shelf at this pricepoint. It has few European tendencies–let’s get that clear, this is not gamay, this is not cruBojo this is not Chinon, not even close but at the same time I really don’t have too many flaws to pick out of it.  Chalky  gun-powder edginess initial and lasting everywhere the thin, dark fruit steps away from the pomegranate seed. Quite possibly the world’s most perfect picnic wine. Find a warm day, put a bit of a chill on it and enjoy!  The old-timers had so much fun with this “gamay” way back when, it almost feels like a CA native. I know it’s not labrusca, but the Concord edge will have you second-guessing that.

2015 J. LOHR Valdiguié ‘Wildflower’ Monterey Co California 12.5


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