Old Vine Grenache Perfection

Big anxious slide-down-the-stairs-in-a-cardboard box static electricity shrill funk. A bright high note of citrus and cold berry lightens and brightens the obvious concentration and considerable alcohol. Medium light density in the glass is misleading to the rolls and rolls of thick velvet curtains. Severe minerality rises up late breathe–flinty wet sparks igniting the volatility.

In the mouth, refreshingly meager. A light bright delicate front on a back end of deep concentration and spice the nose could not hide. The gorgeous apple early in the nose becomes a morning walk in the damp orchard mid palate, bundled against the chill but warmed by sumptuousness and crisp fruity sugar.

When you see “Old Vine” on this label don’t get the idea that this is going to be some pruny hack job of over-burnt Lodi Zinfandel. No other descriptor on a label commits more crimes against wine than *Old Vine* and almost all of these crimes are committed under the call letters of Zinfandel. Here we have a completely different scenario. this wine is light and delicate and beautiful and it just so happens to come from 103 year-old vines near the Santa Cruz Mountains.

A bit of a juxtaposition as all good Grenache’s are. I like them when they surprise me. I like them when they don’t smell the way they look and when they don’t taste the way they smell but cohesiveness and balance when I draw a line between the nose and the mouth. This is not a boring Grenache. This is ridiculously good Grenache with maturity and finesse and zest.

2013 CARINI Grenache Santa Clara Valley Central Coast California 14.4



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