Holy Trinity

Clear light ruby with almost no edge. A little funk and power-musk balances gobs of pretty floral.

What I like the most about these Carini Zinfandels is NOT that they are ultra-small and low-profile and from an oddball location like Trinity County. They’re not even particularly low-alcohol, although anything under 15 these days is practically treasure. What I like is how the pretty fruit transfers through–unmistakably Zin–and carries with it layers and layers of delicate floral and spice. These aren’t “cab-styled” Zins, they aren’t “Paso-styled” Zins, they are not Dry Creek Valley or Sierra Foothills Zins. They are their own beautiful version, while maintaining textbook varietal typicity.

Lush and mouth-filling, prune dialed back to about *3*, banana peel and sautéed onion savory see-sawing the copious acid. Tannins so delicate. Thin lace on deadly curves. Pretty.  Just flat-out PRETTY. With a bite.

2012 CARINI Dubakella Zinfandel Trinity Co. California 14.7



2 thoughts on “Holy Trinity

  1. What a great write-up. I am here in Manton with Alain freezing my ass because he does not want to put any wood in the wood stove. Enjoyed your wine descriptions. Well done! Betty

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