Mountain House

Perfect Pinot Noir ruddy ruby at the darker end of transparent.  Green gravelly nose, tight with beautiful stem, mineral, and ripe citrus, but lavishly coated with ripe cherry, creating The Perfect Storm of high conifer spice, low peat funk, and cola fruit.  A fresh swirl will roil up all that minerality, encoring over and over.

I fell in love with this Sonoma Producer a year or so ago–I’m pretty sure one of their pinots was my Pinot of the Year for 2016.  There’s just so much good stuff going on in them–they never flab out and they never get weird, and they’re not super expensive.  Plus they keep their production small enough you never have to worry about someone ELSE showing up to the company BBQ with one.  I’m very cautious about joining wine-clubs, but every single shipment from them is so packed full of treasure, the charge on your credit card is practically an offering!

In the mouth, the ability to balance pure Burgundy funk and zest with voluptuous California curve and drive while maintaining an ear-to-ear joie de vivre has always been the bulls-eye I go for.  Many producers flex the curve one way or the other, and–as we know–Pinot  Noir is a VERY large target.  La Pitchoune nails it over and over.

2014 LA PITCHOUNE Pinot Noir Van Der Camp Sonoma Mountain Sonoma County 14.1


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