Cereal Killer

Beautiful pinot-color: a fairly heavy garnet, definitely amber out on the edges.  Briary squished-bug, meaty salt-sausage with a heavy dose of haricot-vert, boiled.  Fat and flabby in the nose, smelling tired and plain.  The spice is green and the root-beer is flat, and the wet floor muddy.

A strange label that popped up at a local grocery a couple years back. They sat for a while and then went on deep discount and I bought a couple.  Bottled in Paso, no indication of vineyard, just “Santa Barbara County”… probably something way out Cat Canyon or Palmer but frankly tastes of Sierra Madre. These kinda taste like Lane Tanner’s wines.  Or any of a myriad of 30-dollar SBC Pinots.

In the mouth, sweet rich fruit carried on perfect yummy dark bark and broken-twig. A spicy burn curls the finish, but is welcome against this curtain of loveliness.  An extremely user-friendly entry-level Pinot with far more going on in it than the supermarket usual suspects–even up to twice this price.

2011 KILLER WEST Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County California 13.5

http://www.killerwestwines.com is available


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