The Four Seas

Deep garnet, medium transparent. Big bruised nose, pepper and bluster, crammed with glycerine fruit and fat, oily, unctious and hot.

I’m a sucker for CCC anything, so when this closeout flashed in front of me on the shelf I had to bite. Imagine my surprise when a Cline-embossed cork came out. I cut my teeth on Cline several decades ago with their offerings from CCC and they are the real dealio.

In the mouth, far more Christmas spice alongside smoky roast meat and intense briar. It’s hot though–nose more than mouth–the pepper fading into flaccid nothingness in the finish. No tannin. I can’t highly recommend this wine–even at the P-P.

2016 REVELARE Zinfandel Contra Costa County California 15.0


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